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Arrested for Being in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time?

Florida criminal defense attorneyKnowing what to do if you are ever wrongfully arrested can make a huge difference for your future.

Police officers can make mistakes. They may inaccurately judge a situation or arrest the wrong person while in pursuit of a suspect.

When mistakes are made, your freedom could be on the line

In a recent incident at a Florida Waffle House, two people were wrongfully arrested after someone called the police claiming that they were trespassing and stealing. When the officer arrived, the couple were waiting for the customer service number after being overcharged for a beverage. The officer allegedly drew his Taser before arresting the couple. Luckily, the charges were eventually dropped.

However, not all of those wrongfully arrested are as fortunate. If police believe they have the right suspect, and evidence can't prove otherwise, an innocent person can be placed behind bars. Even if you're able to fight the charges, a wrongful arrest can damage your reputation.

A Miami teen was wrongfully arrested and charged for a shooting he didn't commit. After video evidence showed the teen shopping with his mother at the time of the shooting, he, along with another suspect, were released. However, because the incident made local news, he faced social stigma from people in his community.

In the event that you're arrested, it's crucial to understand your right to remain silent. Saying the wrong thing can get you charged with a crime you may not even be aware of.

The choices you make can affect your criminal case

When law enforcement officers make an arrest, they are not interested in hearing your denials. If you're arrested, even if you know you're 100 percent innocent, don't try to reason with police. In fact, don't speak to them at all or answer any of their questions. Simply tell them that you wish to practice your right to remain silent and that you want an attorney.

If you're facing criminal charges after a wrongful arrest, an experienced attorney at Aguilar & Sieron, P.A. will aggressively help you fight the charges. We'll leave no stone unturned when it comes to presenting crucial evidence to a jury. Your freedom matters to us. Contact us today.

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