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Is It Illegal to Film Police in Florida?

Clay County Criminal Defense Lawyers Explain Your Rights Police interactions captured on video often serve as important pieces of evidence when fighting criminal charges, but a lot of people question whether using their phones to record the cops is even legal. In Florida, the answer is complicated. The state has a statute that blurs the...

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Florida Drug Charges, Penalties, and Defenses

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys Break Down the Types of Drug Charges in Florida Florida has a reputation for coming down hard on people accused of drug crimes. Prosecutors often attempt to pile on charges after an arrest and push for maximum sentencing. In fact, about 20 percent of the state's prison population is doing time...

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What Is an Illegal Search & Seizure in Florida?

A Criminal Defense Lawyer in Clay County Reveals What To Know In Florida, police regularly conduct searches and seizures — with and without warrants. Sometimes, these searches are illegal and the evidence that results should not be used against the suspect. When this happens, you have to prove that the search was unjust. While proving...

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The Difference Between Parole and Probation in Florida

A Clay County criminal defense attorney explains what to know The difference between parole and probation in Florida can be confusing, but the two are very distinct. Parole happens while a person is still serving their sentence. Probation is a "post-release" condition that starts once a sentence for imprisonment is over. Probation violations often increase...

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Police Learn to Draw Blood for DUI Testing

For decades, breathalyzer tests were the gold standard for DUI evidence, but a recent slew of scandals has rocked the justice system's faith in the results. Police and prosecutors are now searching for an alternative to breathalyzers and a new "gold standard" to present in court. Instead of administering breath tests, many departments across the...

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Marijuana breathalyzer tests may soon become a reality, but will they work?

Criminal defense lawyers explain what drivers in Florida need to know Recent technological advancements may soon result in marijuana breathalyzer tests being administered to determine if drivers are under the influence of marijuana, according to an in-depth article published by Discover Magazine. Our attorneys recently discussed how breathalyzer test results for driving under the influence...

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