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My Child Was Arrested—Now What?

Protect your child's freedom; contact a lawyer right away after a juvenile arrest. Having your child arrested can feel like the end of the world. Parents often have a lot of questions, including - How did this happen? However, one question must be addressed right away: My child has been arrested - Now what? A...

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Gun Charges in Florida: Know Your Rights

Experienced Clay County criminal defense attorneys explain how you can protect your freedom. While Florida law allows for more firearm freedoms compared to some other states, penalties for gun law violations here are still harsh. Florida does not have a gun registry and, in most cases, does not require you to have a license to...

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What Is Considered a High BAC For A DUI?

Getting charged with a Clay County DUI is bad. However, getting charged with a "high BAC" DUI can be much worse. Florida has an "enhanced penalty" law for driving under the influence with a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of 0.15% or higher. That means the penalties are more severe than for a typical DUI in...

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What Happens to Your CDL When You Get a DUI in Florida?

Any little blemish on your record could cost you work or even your career in the trucking industry. For truckers, the more severe the allegations, the more damage they will do to your financial stability and future career opportunities. That's why if you're a trucker accused of drunk driving or impaired driving in Florida, it's...

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Is It Illegal to Film Police in Florida?

Clay County Criminal Defense Lawyers Explain Your Rights Police interactions captured on video often serve as important pieces of evidence when fighting criminal charges, but a lot of people question whether using their phones to record the cops is even legal. In Florida, the answer is complicated. The state has a statute that blurs the...

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Florida Drug Charges, Penalties, and Defenses

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys Break Down the Types of Drug Charges in Florida Florida has a reputation for coming down hard on people accused of drug crimes. Prosecutors often attempt to pile on charges after an arrest and push for maximum sentencing. In fact, about 20 percent of the state's prison population is doing time...

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