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Marijuana breathalyzer tests may soon become a reality, but will they work?

Criminal defense lawyers explain what drivers in Florida need to know Recent technological advancements may soon result in marijuana breathalyzer tests being administered to determine if drivers are under the influence of marijuana, according to an in-depth article published by Discover Magazine. Our attorneys recently discussed how breathalyzer test results for driving under the influence...

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More district attorneys abandon DUI breathalyzer test results

More and more district attorneys are giving up on breathalyzers. In Massachusetts, a majority of the state's 11 district attorneys have stopped using breathalyzer test results as evidence in driving under the influence of alcohol cases. About three other DA offices have greatly reduced how often they rely on breathalyzers in court. The problem, prosecutors...

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How accurate are those smartphone breathalyzers and apps?

If you're relying on an app and a personal breathalyzer to tell you whether you're safe to drive after a few drinks, you may want to rethink this strategy. New research shows that smartphone app-supported breathalyzers produce wildly different results. In a small experiment, 20 people drank alcohol then tested 6 popular breathalyzers on the...

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What to do when police show up at your door

Understandably, you'll probably be pretty nervous if the police decide to show up at your home. Regardless of why they want to speak with you, don't forget that you have rights. Our criminal defense attorneys reveal what steps you can take if you find yourself in this stressful situation. Know your rights Few things are...

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How do arrest warrants work?

Ideally, the process for police to obtain an arrest warrant is straightforward. The legal system is not always so cut-and-dried, however. Our experienced criminal defense lawyers explain how police warrants are obtained and how to fight them if you are innocent. The warrant process To obtain a warrant, police must submit a written statement, called...

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Defending Charges Of Violating Your Probation

Probation is intended to be an opportunity to stay in the community and get your life back on track after being convicted of a crime. But as we’ve often seen, people on probation can get into more trouble. A probation violation could result in your probation being revoked, meaning you’ll face more stringent consequences for...

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