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Florida Domestic Violence Lawyer

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If you have been charged with domestic violence in Florida, it's important to take strong legal action as soon as possible. Being found guilty of domestic violence in Florida can have serious penalties and consequences for your life and family, including fines and being incarcerated. That’s why seeking help from an experienced domestic abuse lawyer right away is critical.

At Aguilar & Sieron law firm, we take domestic violence charges very seriously. That's why we're eager to meet with you. We want to hear directly from you about exactly what happened. That way, we can work with you to develop a comprehensive plan to address all your legal issues.

Don't underestimate the seriousness of your domestic violence charge. You need a domestic violence attorney who knows how the Florida legal system works, and knows how law enforcement makes decisions about when and who to arrest.  We can advise and guide you towards actions aimed at reducing your chances of a conviction and minimizing the personal and legal toll on you.

Understanding Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence cases are among the most complicated criminal defense cases we handle in Florida. Often, such cases come down to your word versus someone else's version of the same events. And since the two parties involved know each other well, the legal system often has a hard time figuring out who to believe in such cases.

First time offenders may be eligible for a pre-trial diversion or treatment program in which your charges could be dropped.  If we can establish that you acted in self-defense, the State Attorney often will likely reduce or dismiss the charges.

If you have been falsely accused of domestic abuse, we can help you prove your innocence. But even if we know you did nothing wrong, don't simply assume that you will be able to get your charges easily dismissed. You will likely need to mount a vigorous legal defense to prove your innocence.

How We Can Help

When you have our legal team on your side, you dictate the terms of your legal defense. Our team approach often includes a wide range of legal tactics, including:

  • Carefully analyzing your arrest report
  • Consulting with various experts
  • Conducting our own independent investigation
  • Challenging evidence introduced in court
  • Interviewing witnesses to the event
  • Taking your case to trial, if necessary

Give your case the strong defense it deserves. Contact our law firm and schedule an appointment right now. Attorney Mark Sieron and his experienced legal team would be honored to serve your legal needs.