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Pre-Arrest Investigations

Our Lawyers Know What To Do

The pre-arrest investigation stage of the process is the best time to hire a criminal defense lawyer to take control and defend your case. Pre-arrest investigations are done after the defendant has been contacted by a law enforcement agency but before charges have been filed. At this point in the process, the defendant has not been arrested.

Before your legal issues escalate any further, contact our law firm and schedule an appointment with criminal defense attorney Mark Sieron at Aguilar & Sieron. A former Florida prosecutor, attorney Sieron can explain all the legal options available to you and work with you to make sure you're not charged with a crime.

Time is critical when it comes to this phase in the process. The sooner you talk to our legal professionals, the better. Contact our law firm 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We're here for you when you need us most.

What We Can Do For You

Are you under investigation for a crime? Has a representative from the police department, FBI or state attorney's office contacted you? Do not talk to anyone with law enforcement before you talk to an attorney at our law firm.

During this stage, Mark Sieron and his talented legal team can attempt to do the following:

  • Speak with police officers to avoid an arrest
  • Prevent the filing of charges
  • Reduce charges
  • Assist with surrender and a "surprise" arrest in front of your family or at your job
  • Place your case in a pre-trial diversion program, which could result in the charges being dropped.

You have rights, including the right to remain silent. Do not let law enforcement or an employer coerce you into giving vital information for a pre-arrest investigation. Simply exercise your 5th Amendment rights, politely decline to answer any questions and ask to speak to a lawyer.

Do not speak to the authorities investigating you. More importantly, do not wait for an arrest to happen before you secure legal representation. At our law firm, our legal team includes former prosecutors and public defenders. Such experience provides unique insight when building a defense against a police or FBI investigation.

We Work For You

Law enforcement personnel investigating you for drug possession or sexual assault are not your friends. An employer accusing you of money laundering or any other white collar crime is anything but an ally. Do not trust them. You are under no obligation to "clear something up."

Don't simply assume that the investigation will be dropped. Take aggressive legal action and make sure you have a strong legal strategy in your defense. Contact our law firm and schedule an appointment with us.

As your attorney, we are always concerned about your best interests first. We would be honored to serve you and earn your respect. Contact Aguilar & Sieron right now.