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Firearms Charges

Our Lawyers Defend Your Freedoms

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees its citizens the right to bear arms. This fundamental American right has defined us as a nation for more than two centuries. And it's a right that many people feel strongly about defending.

Florida also has laws that protect the rights of gun owners. In general, if you are 18 years old, you have the right to legally purchase a rifle or shotgun in Florida. You must be 21 years old to legally purchase a handgun in Florida.

However, there are laws that prohibit certain people in Florida from legally owning a gun. In particular, convicted felons cannot possess a firearm. Other rules and regulations also apply. If you have been charged with violating these laws, contact Aguilar & Sieron law firm. Florida firearms lawyer Mark Sieron can meet with you and explain your legal options.

Types of Firearms Charges

Our law firm handles a wide range of criminal charges involving handgun ownership and possession, as well as alleged crimes involving weapons and the use of deadly force for clients in Florida and nationwide. Firearms cases we handle include:

  • Criminal Homicide Defense / Firearm Used in the Commission of a Crime
  • Concealed Weapons Firearms / Knives / Martial Arts Devices
    • Note: as of July 1, 2023, carrying a concealed weapon no longer requires a permit in Florida. However, you still need to have a legal ID and meet other legal requirements to carry a concealed weapon. We represent people charged with crimes under the current law, as well as people who may have been charged with concealed carry violations under the previous law before July 1, 2023.
  • Florida Concealed Weapons Permits
  • Illegal Public Display of Weapons
  • Self-Defense
  • Convicted Felons with Firearms or Ammunition
  • Illegal / Unlicensed / Unregistered Firearms
  • Use of a Silencer / Illegal Modification of Firearms
  • Assault / Aggravated Assault / Automatic Weapons
  • Battery / Aggravated Battery

Why Choose Us

Experience matters when it comes to choosing the right attorney to represent you in your firearms charge case. That's why people in Clay County, Jacksonville, and throughout Northeast Florida choose attorney Mark Sieron. A former Florida prosecutor, attorney Sieron has decades of experience defending the rights of individuals throughout Northeast Florida.

Our legal team also includes a network of experts from around the country who assist us with shooting dynamics, computer animation, crime scene recreation, auditory exclusion, tunnel vision, and other symptoms experienced by those involved in a shooting-whether as a civilian or law enforcement agent.

Our investigations and trial preparation are designed to identify weaknesses in the prosecution's case and ensure that your case is resolved according to the law and facts, rather than broad (often anti-gun) assumptions by the prosecution.

We also stay up to date on Florida’s constantly changing gun laws. For example, in July 2023, a law went into effect which gives individuals the option to carry a concealed weapon in Florida without a permit. This law (Florida House Bill 543) is known as the “Permitless Carry” law. However, many other rules and restrictions still apply.

You have rights. We can fight for them. Contact Aguilar & Sieron. Results matter here.